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What is a Living Lab?

Finland Living Lab

A Living Lab is a real-life testing environment where researchers, businesses, and the public collaborate to develop and test innovative solutions. It is a place where ideas are brought to life and tested in a real-world setting to ensure they meet the needs of the people they are designed to serve. Living Labs are typically focused on solving complex societal challenges, such as sustainable energy, health and well-being, and smart cities. They offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders to work together, share knowledge, and co-create solutions that are grounded in the reality of everyday life. By involving the public in the innovation process, Living Labs ensure that new ideas are relevant, feasible, and effective. 



Finland Living Lab Team

Living Labs in eco2adapt

As part of our project, we will be working in Living Labs, which are situated in climate hotspots in Europe and China. These Living Labs will provide a unique opportunity for stakeholders to learn about how their choices affect ecosystem services in neighboring forests. Through the Living Labs, we hope to develop innovative mechanisms for creating adaptive solutions and increase the acceptance of non-production services and climate-resilient forestry.

The Living Labs will facilitate communication with private forest owners and the forest industry through Decision Theatres and other activities. The Living Labs will be situated at the regional scale, where models will be refined to determine social-economic pathways, alternative adaptation strategies, and interactions between ecosystem services. The Living Labs approach is a key component of eco2adapt project and will help to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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