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Forzieri, G., Dutrieux, L. P., Elia, A., Eckhardt, B., Caudullo, G., Taboada, F. Á., Andriolo, A., Bălăcenoiu, F., Bastos, A., Buzatu, A., Dorado, F. C., Dobrovolný, L., Duduman, M. L., Fernandez-Carrillo, A., Hernández-Clemente, R., Hornero, A., Ionuț, S., Lombardero, M. J., Junttila, S., … Beck, P. S. A. (2023). The Database of European Forest Insect and Disease Disturbances: DEFID2. Global Change Biology, 29(21), 6040–6065. Read

Chen, L., Keski-Saari, S., Kontunen-Soppela, S., Zhu, X., Zhou, X., Hänninen, H., Pumpanen, J., Mola-Yudego, B., Wu, D., & Berninger, F. (2023). Immediate and carry-over effects of late-spring frost and growing season drought on forest gross primary productivity capacity in the Northern Hemisphere. Global Change Biology, 29(14), 3924–3940. Read

Mauri, A., Girardello, M., Forzieri, G., Manca, F., Beck, P. S. A., Cescatti, A., & Strona, G. (2023). Assisted tree migration can reduce but not avert the decline of forest ecosystem services in Europe. Global Environmental Change, 80, 102676. Read


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