Stakeholder event Finland

Save the time Save the date 10.4 10:00 am (Fin), 9:00 am (CET), 15:00 China

Do we need transformative forest management to adapt to climate change. Climate change induces multiple conflicting demands on forest management. These range from increasing carbon storage and increased use of wood as a green raw material to conserving biodiversity.



In this event we address discuss the need transformative or incremental changes in forest management as well as questions of the governance of adaptive forest management.

The event, organised by the Eco2adapt EU China flagship research project in collaboration with the ACCC Flagship project, tries to understand how we can conserve forest services under climate change and explores the nature and potential needs for more transformative changes.

Speakers and panelists:

Dr. Tahamina Khanam (University of Eastern Finland, chair),

Prof. Frank Berninger (University of Eastern Finland),

Prof Yong Pang Head Institute of Forest Resource Information Techniques, Chinese Academy of Forestry,

Dr. Wending Huang (Green Estates oy),

Minna Luoto (Finnish Forest Center),

and Prof. Lei Wang (Zhejiang A&F University).


The event is hybrid in the framework of the ACCC impact days in Helsinki.

Save the time Save the date 10.4 10:00 am (Fin), 9:00 am (CET), 15:00 China

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